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OCSmart Hacks 2.03


OCSmart Hacks is a service bundle, which considerably extends the functionality of any native, Cocoa-based Mac OS X application: among others, it supports the following services:

and much more: see please the other Help pages for details.

Note please that OCSmart Hacks from β.1 up need a Panther (10.3) or newer Mac OS X release to run. The newest release needs Tiger. They will not run properly in any previous Mac OS X release. This release supports both Intel and PowerPC machines.

Beware that due to how Apple crippled Input Managers in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Hacks would not run there "out of the box"! You would have to move them from ~/Library to /Library and change the access rights yourself. There are likely to be more serious limitations in newer releases (10.6 and up) -- unlike in Leopard this was not tested.

If still interested, here are detailed instructions.

At the moment of 2.03 releasing, amongst non-Cocoa – and therefore not, repeat not, supported by OCSmart Hacks – applications were e.g., Finder or iTunes of Apple, Firefox or Thunderbird of the Mozilla Corporation, or most Adobe applications. If you do not know what Cocoa means and how a native Cocoa application differs from a legacy Carbon or non-native Java/X11 yourself, do please enquire for the current state of any application you are interested in with its respective developer: he would know.

Download and Registration

The current public release is 2.03; download it from (Tiger/Leopard, Intel/PPC).

You can test freely by activating in the OCSmart Hacks Application. To be able to use Hacks in any Cocoa application, you need to register it buying a registration key through KAGI ( and entering the key and your e-mail address into the Registration panel in the OCSmart Hacks Application.

The key has no time limit and will apply for all minor upgrades; the price is $29. One key can be used for up to three installations (to cover up the very common case of using the software both on a desktop and on a laptop, with one copy to spare). For more installations separate keys have to be bought: if you need a multilicence, contact me please at The 1.0 keys still work in 2.0: no upgrade fee.

Other information

The complete OCSmart Hacks documentation is available online:

• Overview

• Ordering Windows

• Resizing and Moving Windows

• Creation and Maximization of Windows

• Tear-off Menus

• URL Links in RTF and RTFD documents

• Saving As HTML

• Pop Up Main Menu

• Disabling OCSmart Hacks

• Power User Features and More Info

Also, you can check the known problems of the current version page.